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Editor’s Note – Life is Good!

Crush2013 is now in the record books and from most reports the whites were late and the reds were close to on time.  Mother Nature certainly helped by not giving us a hurricane this harvest. Spending time on the wine … Continue reading

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Vincabulary – High Density Vineyards

In wine regions of France, the growing of wine grapes arose from a culture in which everything was done by hand. When vineyards were replanted after phylloxera, spacing between rows was often just sufficient for humans, and horses, to pass … Continue reading

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Church Creek Cabernet Franc 2011 Produced by Chatham Vineyards

One of the delights to living in Virginia is the changing of the seasons.  Along with the brisk mornings and the changing leaves, red wine sales tend to pick up markedly in the autumn. Cabernet Franc is another Virginian delight. … Continue reading

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Church Creek Merlot 2011 Produced by Chatham Vineyards

Section 4.23 of the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) wine law specifies that to use the name of a single grape variety on a wine label, the wine must contain 75% of that grape type.  While … Continue reading

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Church Creek Chardonnay Steel 2012 Produced by Chatham Vineyards

When little to no oak aging occurs, (as in this “steel” version) Chardonnay leans to be more crisp and fresh. Winemakers say it is much harder to hide a flaw in an unoaked Chardonnay because the truth is there for … Continue reading

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Chatham Vineyards – Church Creek Wines

Wine making education programs (UC-Davis, Virginia Tech, etc.) can provide a fantastic understanding of the science of wine but the best way to learn how to grow wine is experience.  Chatham Vineyards Winemaker Jon Wehner is a second-generation winegrower on … Continue reading

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Vincabulary – Veraison

Veraison is the period of the beginning of berry ripening. The berries become soft and take on the colors characteristic of their specific varieties.  From the beginning of veraison to harvest, the berries will increase in volume, weight, and sugar … Continue reading

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