Celebrating Over 25 Years of Virginia’s Best Wines

Welcome to the Virginia Wine of the Month Club! Since 1988, we have been proud to introduce our members to the wide array of impressive wines being produced in Virginia. We have seen the industry grow, and watched these exceptional wines receive national and international recognition. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for selecting the best variety of wines for our members and we wish to continue to share this with you.

Our Philosophy

Quite simply, we aim to provide you with award-winning Virginia wines at great value and convenience, with no obligation. We achieve this by:

  • Building a strong reputation for selection through our experienced tasting panel, including a former President of the Virginia Wine Growers Association
  • Seeking out hard-to-find wines, especially those limited selections that are not widely distributed
  • Developing an efficient and organized shipping system to get the wines directly to your doorstep, each and every month
  • Offering free registration, with no obligations
  • Providing both personal and gift membership options
  • Giving you more than just wine through The Virginia Wine Journal, featuring in-depth information about Virginia’s vineyards and top wines

The bottom line is, whether you are just exploring Virginia wines or are a long-time connoisseur, you can be confident in our selections for provide you with enjoyment, convenience, and value.

Learn more about the Club:

» About Our Wines
» Membership Benefits

One Response to About

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    You can track which wineries you have been to, view upcoming wine festivals, as well as rate and favorite the places you find to be most memorable. That being said, we would really welcome your reviews and comments of the wineries within our app.

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    We’d appreciate your help on spreading the word so we can help advertise local wineries as well as highlight blogs like Virginia Wine Club. We would also really appreciate it if you’d link to our website as well http://www.vinowineapp.com/

    Keep up the good work on the blog and I look forward to reading more!

    Mike Barefoot

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