Trump Winery

In some management classes, learners are trained to boil down their operations to one word.  In the case of Trump Winery the word would be “sparkling”.

Not only does sparkling describe the revitalized tasting room and the redecorated event hall, it also describes over 60% of the winery’s production.

Sparkling Winemaker Jonathan Wheeler has been with the organization since long before the Trump acquisition and has a reputation for excellence.

Situated just a few miles from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and James Monroe’s Ashlawn-Highland, Trump Winery in Charlottesville features almost 1,300 acres of breathtaking scenery. Trump is focused on making new world wines inspired by the French wine regions of Bordeaux and Champagne.

With an elevation range between 600 and 1,000 feet, high density plantings, and an emphasis on sustainable practices, Trump has three wine growing programs: sparkling, white and red.

The sparkling vineyards, planted in Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, were chosen because of their unique microclimates. Since these vineyards have the coolest terroirs, they delay the maturity of the grapes and help preserve the natural acidity and minerality needed to make them into truly great sparkling wine.

No wine tour of Charlottesville is complete without a visit to Trump Vineyards.

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