Church Creek Chardonnay Steel 2012 Produced by Chatham Vineyards

Steel Chardonnay LabelWhen little to no oak aging occurs, (as in this “steel” version) Chardonnay leans to be more crisp and fresh. Winemakers say it is much harder to hide a flaw in an unoaked Chardonnay because the truth is there for all to see; whereas a barrel fermented vintage provides the subtlety of the oak.

Chardonnay is the world’s most popular white wine grape and it is grown in virtually every wine-producing region.

The 2012 Church Creek Chardonnay presents a consistent light parchment color throughout the glass.  The nose is filled with fall fruits and tropical notes including bananas and allspice.

Stainless steel fermentation provides a sharp attack with green apple undertones.  The midpalate picks up on the tropical notes of the nose expressing a most interesting balance of honeydew melon and white grapefruit.  The finish, albeit brief, is accentuated with citrus elements of tangerine and pink grapefruit.

This Chardonnay would pair well with almost any entrée.  The acidic attack and citrus finish tend to lend themselves to grilled seafood (without a white sauce) or slightly spicy vegetarian dishes.

Stainless steel fermentation lends itself to earlier consumption.  Drinking nicely now, I do not anticipate significant gain in the flavor profile with additional aging.


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