The Hague Winery 2011 Chardonel

Chardonel (Plant patent 7860) was originally created at Cornell University in 1953.  Over the years this relatively cold hearty grape has proven to be a winner across the northern states (including Michigan and Ohio) but really thrives in longer growing seasons (such as Virginia) where the fruit can fully ripen.

This cross of Seyval and Chardonnay produces vines that are very cold hardy and big producers, offering beautiful clusters of medium-size amber grapes that ripen in early October.

The 2011 Hague Winery Chardonel is a full bodied dry wine.  Slightly amber in the glass the nose is filled with notes of red delicious apple and white citrus.

The sharper than anticipated fruit forward attack leads to a midpalate that expands slightly to expose elements of melon, green apple and creamcicle. The finish on this stainless steel fermented wine is clean, refreshing and brief, slight hint of pear and honeysuckle.

The 2011 Chardonel wine is a great accompaniment to such dishes as scallops, sole, and sea bass.  It can also work well with roasted poultry or as a welcoming aperitif with white cheeses.

While I do not have significant experience aging Chardonnel, based on my tasting, I anticipate it will not significantly increase in complexity over the next 12 months.


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