The Boneyard Collection

In the world of wines, there are many paths to launching a new brand.  In the case of this case, the Boneyard Collection can trace its parentage to the talented winemakers and winegrowers at Tarara Winery but this concept is far greater than just secondary label for Tarara.

Much like an artist entering a new phase of his work, the Boneyard Collection respects centuries of wine artisans but does not take it too seriously.  Winemaker Jordan Harris has a no-rules head-first dive into creating what he describes as “some rockin’ wine”.

The Boneyard Collection is a new line of wines designed to free the winemakers from traditional flavor profiles.  By being willing to throw the rule book out the result is a wine that can be more accessible, enjoyable and approachable to everyone.

In time the collection may include wines ranging from easy going blends from vineyards around Virginia to single vineyard and single variety and even sparkling wines that are easy to understand without compromising on having the very best quality.

The conductor for this fun and freewheeling winemaking adventure is Jordan Harris. Canadian born and trained, Harris brings a wealth of knowledge, inquisitiveness and passion to his post as Boneyard’s visionary. In general, Harris tends to focuses his goals on best expressing the vintage, the vineyard and the variety as it relates to that vineyard.  Well respected throughout the industry Harris is listed Wine Enthusiast’s 2013 “40 Under 40: America’s Tastemakers”.

Wine Enthusiast editors said this of Harris, “While many of Virginia’s vintners are concentrating their efforts on the sure sellers … Harris champions varieties that are oft overlooked in the Commonwealth. Pushing the boundaries of his blends, Harris is blazing trails in the state”.

Even the sales of Boneyards Wines will be innovative.  While members of The Virginia Wine Club have an opportunity to taste these new vintages, not all of Boneyard’s wine will go into general distribution.

Some limited production offerings (the Prestige bottlings, Sparkling wine, etc.) will often only have guaranteed amounts for the aptly named Boneyard Club.  These wines will only be released to the general public after the club is filled and the club members have had first crack at buying any extra.

Sourcing only the best Virginia fruit, the Boneyard Collection promises to provide winemaker Harris a new creative outlet for his more fanciful “concept” wines.  Based on Harris’ success with the wines of Tarara Winery and his leadership in the industry’s Quality Assurance Program, we fully anticipate The Boneyard Collection will be making news for vintages to come.

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