Editor’s Note Septmber 2013


We are just back from a great weekend at The Virginia Wine Festival.  While the entire VA Wine Club crew had a good time, I likely had the best time hosting the “You Be The Judge” Tent where we tasted over twenty of the finest Virginia wines by varietal.

I also spent some time last week catching up with my wine growing friends.  Reports from Crush’13 are mixed.  Some vineyards have reported significant animal pressures (deer, bear bird and even squirrel).  In the central part of the Commonwealth, some are blaming the increased pressure on the Brood 2 cicada emersion.  While these bugs did not harm the grapes (generally) they did take away other dining options for the wildlife.

Some winegrowers have indicated the last two weeks of heat have helped save the year but anticipate lesser yields.  One mentioned the significant amount of hand sorting that is being conducted both in the vineyard and at the sorting table.

At the halfway point in Crush’13, it looks like an OK vintage but not stellar.  So far, we have not yet seen much hurricane activity but we also did not see significant heat in August.  I believe those courageous wine growers that allow their fruit to hang well into late October, may be rewarded with increased flavor profile complexity.  Of course there is just one letter difference between guts and nuts.

As always, thank you for including me on your Virginia Wine Journey.

Respectfully Submitted,

Neil Williamson, Editor VA Wine Journal & Chairman, VA Wine Club Tasting Panel

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Chairman Virginia Wine Club Tasting Panel Editor, Virginia Wine Journal
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