Lovingston 2008 Josie’s Knoll Merlot Monticello Appellation

lovingston signDespite the volume of Merlot jokes [How do you make a great Merlot?  Use as little as possible] This Bordeaux blender is experiencing a new renaissance.

Did it ever really leave?  Four years after the movie Sideway came out Neilson reported “that Merlot has the single largest consumer base of any varietal wine in the U.S.” Not only that: “More American households purchase Merlot than any other wine variety, red or white.”   Just this year, six of the wines in the “Governor’s Case” included a portion of Merlot.

Lovingston’s 2008 Josie’s knoll Merlot features a deep dark crimson color in the glass.  The nose is filled with rose pedals, plum, licorice and a bit of black cherry.  The attack has muted fruit notes at the front with undertones of black cherry.

The midpalate expands nicely to expose silky round tannins with undercurrents of Bing cherries and coca.

The subtle memorable finish includes hints of leather, tobacco, and dark chocolate chips.

Merlot is a food friendly wine matching up nicely with everyday meals like pizza and spaghetti as well as more elegant meals like Cornish game hens, Roasted or braised beef as well as savory grilled vegetables.

DRINK NOW – Fall 2014

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Chairman Virginia Wine Club Tasting Panel Editor, Virginia Wine Journal
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3 Responses to Lovingston 2008 Josie’s Knoll Merlot Monticello Appellation

  1. G Schuler says:

    Worse Merlot I have gotten from VA Wine Club.. Very disappointing.

  2. As the Chairman of the tasting panel, I sincerely appreciate the different palates that are part of the VA Wine Club. While I have no doubt that your tasting experience was less than satisfactory, I tasted this wine in three different settings (two different bottles) and found the Merlot to be quite good. Viva la difference — Neil Williamson, Tasting Panel Chair, Editor Virginia Wine Journal

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