The Williamsburg Winery

The name “The Williamsburg Winery” is as much about history and hospitality as it is about geographic location.  While the pageantry, pomp and circumstance of Colonial Williamsburg (or C.W. as the locals call it) is just a few miles away, there is much history to the land of Williamsburg Winery.

The winery sits on a farm known as Wessex Hundred. The use of Hundred to name a williamsburg wineryproperty dates to the Colonial era and describes parcels of land sufficient to support a hundred families regardless of actual acreage.

The land has been in agricultural production (cattle, grain, beans) since the early 1600’s and has had a rich lineage of owners through the centuries.  In 1983, Patrick and Peggy Duffeler acquired the property. Williamsburg now boasts over 50 acres under vine.  A portion of these vineyards are dedicated to experimentation with new varietals and new clones.

Founder Duffeler’s son Patrick serves as the winery Chief Operating Officer.  After literally working in all aspects of the family winery business, the younger Duffeler has built a talented staff to move the winery into the 21st Century.

Vice President Matthew Myers has been serving Williamsburg’s winemaker for over a decade.  His wide ranging experience, including high end Napa properties (Heitz Wine Cellars and Grgich Hills) Cellars, coupled with his knowledge of Williamsburg’s vineyards’ mesoclimate results in elegant wines.

With the wine making well in hand, the family chose to expand the offerings of the property to include the culinary delights of the Gabriel Archer Tavern.  In addition to a delightful lunch menu, the Tavern also hosts a weekly wine dinner.

Believing that wine was created to be enjoyed with food, the chef and winemaker work together to create unique wine pairing that allow both the wine and the cuisine to express their essence.  A review of a recent menu included a delightful French Coounty Sampler with Truffle mousse pate, country pate, saucissons, brie, gorgonzola, cornichons, grapes, strawberries, lingonberry sauce, and whole grain mustard

Bringing the concept of local food home in 2008 Williamsburg planted a two acre parcel dedicated to the cultivation of sustainable produce to support both the Gabriel Archer Tavern as well as their newest culinary option, Café Provencal.

Also in 2008, Wedmore Place – a country hotel – opened on the grounds of Williamsburg Winery.  With twenty eight different European inspired rooms and suites, Wedmore Place has received numerous awards including the Select Registry and the Golden Service Crown.

Williamsburg Winery is still making history today as it expands its wine distribution abroad and welcomes guests from around the world with genteel Virginia hospitality.

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