Veramar Vineyard 2011 Seyval Blanc

seyval_2In some winemaking circles, Seyval Blanc is considered to be the “Rodney Dangerfield” of white grapes in that it often does not get the respect it deserves.

A cold hardy hybrid grape, Seyval Blanc was first crossed in the early 1920s in France.  Despite the lack of respect, it does have a following.  Seyval Blanc is the most popular grape grown from the Carolinias to Nova Scotia.

Veramar’s 2011 Seyval Blanc reminds me of the crispness of an early Spring breeze, off the water, that cuts through you but also awakens your spirit.

Bright, almost canary, yellow in the glass the appearance provides hints that there is more here than meets the eye.  The nose includes pineapple, lemon zest and honeyed almonds.

The short, bright attack includes cantaloupe and honey dew melon undertones leading to a midpalate filled with honeysuckle and just a hint of fig.

Finishing strong Veramar’s 2011 Seyval Blanc has grapefruit notes and a delightful level of slatey minerality.

This wine would complement most appetizer courses as well as seafood dishes but the finish seems to be built for shellfish such as steamed clams.

Seyval Blanc is not built to age.  Drinking very nicely now, I do not anticipate much perceptible increase in complexity over the next 12 months.


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