Vincabulary – Cane/Cordon Pruning

Some might think the vineyard, like the vines are dormant in the winter months; the fact is the second most labor intensive time in the vineyard is winter pruning.  There are two main types of pruning Cane and Cordon.

Linden Winemaker Jim Law explains, “Cane pruning requires an annual replacement or renewal of one year old wood (canes) on the fruiting wire. These canes typically contain 6 to 10 buds and are 1 to 2 feet long. The buds from these canes will produce fruitful shoots that support that year’s crop. The subsequent winter that cane will be removed and replaced by a new one year old cane.

“Cordon pruning leaves a permanent horizontal extension of the trunk in place year after year”, Law continued.  “Cordons can be decades old and achieve diameters of several inches or more. The cordons themselves do not usually produce fruitful shoots. The fruitful shoots come from spur positions located along the cordon. These spur positions typically support one cane that is pruned short, usually to two buds. This short cane is called a spur. Spurs are usually only a few inches long.”

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