Editor’s Note Holiday Whining

As the holiday’s grow near, many folks worry about what to get for those folks either you know have everything they need or you know you need to get a gift for but you don’t know well enough to know what they want.

The easy answer is to give the gift of Virginia Wine of the Month Club.

Trust me your gift recipient will think of you every month as the hand selected wines arrive at their home or office.

Our office staff will put together a welcome package to announce your gift with appropriate fanfare.

I can speak from experience, I recently gave a gift to a client (outside the wine industry), every time hey got a shipment he let me know how great the wines were and how he appreciated me introducing the club to him.

Whether it is for the boss, the client or the person who picks up your mail when you are out of town, Virginia Wine Club membership is a perfect gift.  Our website www.vawineclub.com has more information or you can call the office.


The Virginia Wine of the Month Club is here to make you a great Santa this year!


Respectfully Submitted,


Neil Williamson

Tasting Panel Chairman,

Editor Virginia Wine Journal

About virginiawineclub

Chairman Virginia Wine Club Tasting Panel Editor, Virginia Wine Journal
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