Barboursville Vineyards

Wine is always about a place; but it also about more than that – it is also about the people and the decisions they make in the vineyard and the winery and how those decisions impact the wine.

In 1976, the Zonin family, one of the largest wine producers in Italy, made a decision to expand and make wine in Virginia.  This counter intuitive decision and the people that made this vision a reality, made all the difference.

Rather than accepting the common knowledge that Vitis Vinifera grapes would not flourish in the state, Barboursville planted them anyway.  Rather than accepting that wine tourism in Virginia in 1976 was as foreign as their Italian speaking winemaker, Barboursville opened their doors.

As time moved on rather than accepting the geographic limits of Virginia as a market – winemaker Luca Paschina pushed forward with initiatives in Great Britain as well as China.  This is pretty heady stuff for a boutique winery in little old Orange County Virginia.

Barboursville is not known for dreaming small but more on the quality side than the quantity side.  When a vineyard block of Merlot had several “off” years, Luca decided to pull it out and replant.  Not because the fruit was not acceptable but because the fruit was not exceptional.

Barboursville, with their Palladio Restaurant, designed around wine; and their 1806 cottage, designed around the wine experience continues to lead the industry with both integrity and quality.

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