Barboursville Brut (Non-Vintage)

Opening a bottle of Barboursville Brut is more akin to opening a present than a wine bottle.  First no waiter’s key is required but you must unwrap (or cut) the foil to expose the cage.  You then untwist the cage to expose the bulbous cork. Finally, by slowly twisting the bottle, while holding the cork steady, you free the stopper with a hearty pop.

Presenting an exceedingly light straw color in the glass, bubbles lines the sides evenly pillars of bubbles.  Served cold (45° to 50°F), the yeasty nose on this wine is reminiscent of country white bread, lightly toasted and buttered.

On the attack this blended (90% Pinot Noir 10% Chardonnay) sparkler is sharp with green apple undertones.  The midpalate is deceptively wide.  Given the opportunity to expand the layers of bubbles give way to creamy vanilla, poached pear and red delicious apples notes with just a hint of banana.

The delightfully light finish lingers on the rear of the palate with both the dance of bubbles and ripe pear notes.

This wine has greeted patrons at The Inn at Little Washington for years and makes a most excellent aperitif.  Natural pairings include hard artisan cheeses and New Years party hats.  But if you are looking for a more surprising combination, try the Barboursville Brut with curry based spicy Indian food.

Sparklers, in general are not designed to age.  Store at 55°F; Serve at 45° to 50°F.


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