Potomac Point Vineyard & Winery

Approaching over the gentle rise of the gravel driveway, Potomac Point Winery appears like a mirage perched on the hill. Containing a winery, a bistro as well as a 2,500 square foot ballroom, the red brick façade of the U shaped winery building is deceptive in its diminutive appearance. Located just minutes from Route 1 near Stafford, the visitor feels like they have been transported to Italy as they reach the winery.

By including architectural and design elements that are stored in our collective memory, Potomac Point Winery succeeds in getting the mind to accept and embrace Tuscany in the hills of the Old Dominion.

Potomac Point is the realization of a dream for Skip and Cindi Causey. In direct opposition to their description of the winery as a “Hobby gone wild”, the Potomac Point property has all the markings of a well-designed and well executed master plan. In true Italian tradition, Potomac Point has made their winery (and their wines) a center of activity and a celebration of life as well a wine.

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