Willowcroft Chardonnay Reserve 2011

By. Neil Williamson, VWJ Editor

Just prior to shipping this wine, Virginia will be experiencing a “Blue Moon” a fourth full moon of a season (they usually have just 3).  While rare, Blue Moons do come with some regularity.

Such is the case with the Chardonnay Reserve from Willowcroft Farm Winery.  Each vintage has its own signature style but they are always “significantly above average”.

In the glass the wine presents with a nice consistent light amber color throughout.  The nose is filled with yeasty notes as if from freshly baked bread followed by smoky undertones.  The balance attack is not as acidic as previous vintages leaning toward a more complex tease of flavors.

The midpalate expands nicely to exposes white pear, granny smith apple and lemongrass notes.

The finish lingers with a touch of butter but increased acidity and nice citrus overtones.

A most versatile vintage this wine would pair exceedingly well with grilled pork chops or broiled poultry.  It has the body to stand up to well seasoned game and could be an easy answer to the difficult pairing of turkey tetrazzini.

Aged for well over six months in oak, this wine will hold well with proper cellaring.  Drinking nicely now, I anticipate additional complexity developing in the next six months or so.


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Chairman Virginia Wine Club Tasting Panel Editor, Virginia Wine Journal
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