August 2012 Editor’s Note

There are few things I like better than spending time with members of the Virginia Wine Club.  Invariably, I learn something with each and every conversation.

While I love catching up with the large group of you on Facebook, there is always a little something missing.  I believe sometimes it is over a glass of Virginia wine is where you can “friend” me.

To that end, I wanted to invite you to join me at the “You Be The Judge” tent at the Virginia Wine Festival September 15th and 16th at Great Meadow at The Plains outside of Warrenton.

The You Be The judge Tent, sponsored by your Virginia Wine Club, turns wine festival tasting on its head.  Rather than going to the various winery tents and waiting in line, you are seated at a table and the servers come to you with the wines.  I will provide background on how to evaluate the wines and share tales from my last decade in the wine industry.

Please note there are only 100 tickets available for each day and we are anticipating a sell out prior to the gates opening.  The cost is an additional $15 per person.  Details are available at

Whether you join me in the tasting tent or chat up our festival crew, please know we appreciate you as a member.

As always, than you for allowing me to be part of your Virginia Wine Journey

Respectfully Submitted,


Neil Williamson,

Chairman, Virginia Wine Club

Editor, Virginia Wine Journal

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Chairman Virginia Wine Club Tasting Panel Editor, Virginia Wine Journal
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