Fabbioli Cellars

Located in Loudoun County, the richest winery county in the state, Fabbioli Cellars is the embodiment of the dream Doug Fabbioli and his wife Colleen.  Their concept of “Real People, Earth Friendly, and Fabulous wines.” is much more than a tagline; it’s a business and personal philosophy.  They talk the talk but more importantly they walk the walk and you can taste it in the wines.

Doug got is start in winegrowing on the east coast before heading west.  Doug’s experience in the California wine industry prepared him well for the venture that would become Fabbioli Cellars he had the opportunity to work with world famous winemakers as well as see how wineries tended to reflect the passion of the owners.

After a number of successful postings throughout the Virginia wine industry, Doug and Colleen took the entrepreneurial plunge building a winery that could be ecologically sustainable, ethically sound and economically viable. “What does all this have to do with wine? Balance the grapes on the vine, balance the wine in the glass, balance the land where we live and balance the life that we lead. Wow, that’s deep!” – Doug Fabbioli.

Not content to focus on just his wines, Fabbioli Cellars regularly hosts classes for home winemakers and potential winery start ups.

While Fabbioli Cellars has had its challenges, no one has ever questioned Doug and Colleen’s unbridled passion for excellence and integrity.

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