Vincabulary – Bud Break

By. Neil Williamson, Editor

Bud Swell and Bud Break

Contrary to vineyard workers statements, bud break does not refer to the beverage many choose after a tough day in the fields.  No, it is a viticultural term.

As the temperature rise in the Spring the sap rises in grapevines rises causing the buds to swell.  As they swell their frost protection is diminished.  These buds contain the leaves and fruit that will be the 2012 vintage.

If the weather continues to remain warm, as it did this year, the buds will break open and the leaves will spread open to gather the energy from the sun.

Some vineyards are reporting shoots as long as 2 feet already established.  Considering the brutal May 18th frost we endured a few years ago many wine growers will be sleeping lightly on the cold nights ahead.

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