Tarara Long Bomb Edition Three 2009

By. Neil Williamson, Editor

Which do you prefer “The Long Bomb” or “The Hail Mary”, one seems much more positive speaking to the high risk and high reward while the latter (although the same play in football) seems to be a cry of desperation.  Clearly, I prefer the Long Bomb concept.

The fruit for the Long Bomb Edition 3 was harvest from Nevaeh and Mountainview vineyards. The Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon are from Tarara’s Nevaeh estate vineyards. The Merlot in the blend came from Mountainview Vineyards in Roanoke ty. This is a “Mountain Vineyard” where the fruit is at over 1300 feet elevation

In the glass, the wine presents in a deep dark purple, almost black.  The aroma is plum dominated with nuances of baked blueberries and a touch of pie crust.  The attack continues the plum theme but adds a more complex boysenberry and concentrated cherry tones.

The midpalate expands nicely to expose rose pedals, licorice and balanced acid.  The velvety finish has highlights of bright red cherry notes on the rear of the palate.

I would consider pairing northern Italian foods or grilled lean game with this versatile wine.  The winery suggests the bright acidity and vibrant fresh fruit will help it pair beautifully with higher acidity dishes like a simple Pappardelle with a simple Farmer Johns Heirloom Tomato Sauce Primavera. It will also work nicely with Roasted Chicken marinated in Cilantro.


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