Veritas Red Star, Red Table Wine, NV

When winemakers create a blend the over arching theme is flavor integration and creating a wine that is greater than the sum of its parts.    Done poorly the flavors can be jumbled and clunky.  When blending goes well (as it does in this case) the flavor profile is seamless with cascading flavors across the entire palate.

In the last three years we have seen more winemakers including Chambourcin to their red blends. By not labeling this wine with a vintage, the winemaker is able to chose the best lots in the cellar.

The Veritas Red Star blend includes Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Chambourcin.  Each of these components contributes to a nicely structured melody in this unique full bodied wine.

The nose on this wine reminds me of a late summer farmer’s market filled with cherry and raspberry notes.  A bright fruit forward attack leads to a surprisingly complex midpalate of cascading flavors.  Plum, red licorice and black cherry all appear in supporting roles. A soft full mouth feel is accented by   tasty oak influences.

The finish is smooth featuring silky tannins with cherry notes hints of black pepper and caramel delightfully lingering on the rear of the palate.

This earthy wine will pair exceedingly well with braised beef, baked ziti or a hearty vegetable soup.


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