Prince Michel Vineyards Old Town Cabernet Sauvignon – VA Wine Club Review

Prince Michel Vineyards, Old Town Alexandria Vintner’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

There are some who consider Cabernet Sauvignon to be the “King of Red Wine Grapes”.  Cabernet Sauvignon really established itself as a grape on Bordeaux’s Left Bank there were it is blended with the other five approved Vitis Vinifera grapes (See Vincabulary) this grape provides the elegant round midpalate in many first growth Bordeaux vintage.

In the glass the PMV Vintner’s Reserve is deep, dark garnet and more than just a slight bit mysterious.  The nose is filled with black cherries, warm spice and a touch of freshly tanned leather.

The medium bodied wine starts out with a round fruit forward attack leading to a rich midpalate with plum and blueberry notes.  The slightly tannic finish lingers nicely across the entire palate leaving hints of licorice, black cherry and tobacco.

This Cabernet Sauvignon is a versatile food pairing wine.  The fruit forward attack welcomes more casual cuisine such as grilled hamburgers or barbequed pulled pork but the full bodied nature of the finish encourages pairings with roast beef, prime rib or a standing rib roast.

While thirteen months in French oak provides this non-vintage Cabernet a strong backbone worthy of aging, I fear the delightfully memorable fruit forward attack will become more subdued in another 18 months.



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