Barboursville Brut – VA Wine Club Review

Barboursville Brut N.V.

Nothing says Happy New Year like the pop of a cork on a bottle of Virginia Sparkling wine.  Continuing a Virginia Wine Club tradition, we present the Barboursville Brut to help you ring in 2012.

A classical blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes this naturally sparkling wine never touches any oak. Primary fermentation occurs in a stainless steel tank at 70 degrees F for 10-15 days.  The cuvee is then aged for 6 months in stainless steel. The second fermentation is followed by 8 months of aging on the lees in stainless steel.

The resultant Brut is a heavenly straw like amber in the glass with well-spaced tiny bubbles working to the surface from deep in the bottom of the flute.

The slightly yeasty nose has hints of pear.  The attack, while obscured by the bubbles, includes a lightly buttered toast element.  The wine expands on the midpalate to expose tones of cantaloupe and ripe honeydew melon.  The finish is crisp and tight with exquisitely balanced acid and an undercurrent of baked granny smith apples with cinnamon.

This wine is best enjoyed cold (45 degrees or so) to allow each of the flavor elements to come forward.

While many will ring in 2012 with this bottle all by itself, Winemaker Luca has recommended pairing with Hors d’oeuvres, Steamed mussels with lemon and parsley, or Grilled scallops wrapped in bacon.


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