December Winery – Barboursville Vineyards

When the Zonin family, with a 150 year tradition of Italian winemaking acquired the Barboursville property, the landscape of Virginia wine was forever changed. The 900 acre Barboursville Estate, named after Virginia Governor James Barbour, features the ruins of Barbour’s Thomas Jefferson designed mansion.  The building burned on Christmas Day in 1884.  Legend has it the men moved dining tables out to front lawn to continue the Christmas feast despite the fire.

In addition to being one of Virginia’s largest production farm wineries, Barboursville is also one of the most highly decorated with awards from across the nation and around the world.

Winemaker and General Manager Luca Paschina joined the estate in 1991 on a two month consulting assignment from the Zonin wine company.  Today, some twenty years later, “Luca” (as he is known throughout the state) has become one of Virginia’s finest wine ambassadors promoting all of the Old Dominion’s wines as he travels the nation supporting Barboursville’s extensive distribution footprint.

Working with Vineyard Manager Fernando Franco, Luca continues to experiment with new clones, trellises, and pruning techniques to bring the best fruit possible to the crush pad.

Barboursville Vineyards is a large winery (for Virginia) but it is their continued personal passionate pursuit of excellence that makes the difference in each and every bottle.

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