North Gate Vineyard Apple Wine

North Gate Vineyard Apple Wine

On a crisp late summer morning Virginia Wine Club President Stewart Reynolds and I jumped in the car and headed north to Loudoun County’s Wine Country.  Our very first stop of the day was to North Gate Vineyards in Purcellville.  We were greeted by Vicki Fedor, one half of the husband, wife ownership team.  The winery has a relatively new tasting room and winery building that has been built from the ground up to “go gentle on the land”.  A large LED screen tracks the building’s energy generation (Solar) and use in a real time basis.

As we tasted through the wines, both Stewart and I were struck by the apple wine.  Made from Staymen, Red Delicious and Golden Apples grown on the farm, this 100% Apple wine has a residual sugar of 4%.  We asked the winery ship down a bottle to be reviewed by the Tasting Panel.

In the second tasting of the wine, the wine was not as cold as needed and did not have the bright crisp notes we remembered.  Once it got to proper temperature (45 degrees) the crisp tartness on the attack reminded us why we wanted the entire panel to taste this wine.

An excellent aperitif, I would also recommend serving this wine with a blue cheese tray or as an exciting alternative to beer with pulled pork barbeque.

As with most of the sweet wines we ship, this wine is built to be consumed now.  I would anticipate limited degradation of this wine in 20 months or so.


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