AmRhein Wine Cellars 2005 Melange

Tasting notes August 2011

Upon cutting the foil on this bottle, I was most concerned, a touch of wine appeared on the top of the slightly swollen cork.  While such swelling is not unusual, it can be a sign of air seeing into the bottle and ruining the wine.

Happily, my trepidation was unfounded.  The 2005 Melange is clearly holding on to its deep rich flavors despite the slight cork dampness.

A blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon combined with Petit Verdot, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, results in a unique depth and breadth of this wine’s velvety cascading flavors.

Deep crimson in the glass, the nose exudes deep plum and hints of cedar.  The fruit filled attack has a nice acid bite leading to a mid palate filled with raisin, plum and red cherry.  The well rounded, Merlot dominated finish is remarkably smooth and lingers nicely on the rear of the palate with undertones of black cherry, strawberry and rhubarb.

This wine is a dream for food pairings.  The gentle tannins of the Merlot provide flexibility while the structure of Syrah and the other grapes provide the backbone to stand up to heartier dishes.  I recommend serving with red meats, spicy pizzas, herbed sauces on red meat, turkey, and smoked meats.

This wine is at its flavor peak, aging will not increase the complexity


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