August Virginia Wine Club Southwest Virginia Winery 1: AmRhein Cellars

By. Neil Williamson, Editor

The German influence on AmRhein Wine Cellars only starts with the name. The higher than average altitude (2,500), the orientation of the trellises as well as the varietals planted all harkens back to the old country.

AmRhein, the name of the family that owns and operates the southwest Virginia destination winery, is German meaning “on the Rhein” (Rhine) River.

The vineyards were planted in 1995 with their first crush (see vincabulary) in 1999. Today, with three distinct vineyard locations, (Bent Mountain, Franklin County and Botetourt) AmRhein Wine Cellars has over forty acres under vine boasting twenty different grape varieties.

With over 35,000 vines to care for AmRhein Cellars is fiercely proud of using only 100% Estate fruit.

By controlling the fruit from winter pruning through bud break and all the way to harvest, the winegrowers can make the critical decisions about leaf pulling, dropping fruit and the spray schedule with the goal of optimizing the fruit quality, even if this negatively impacts quantity.
Located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway at milepost 136, AmRhein’s elegantly appointed tasting room and mountainside vistas provide a fantastic backdrop to wine tasting.
By embracing the Germanic history, AmRhein Cellars is creating a unique and exciting future in the hills of Southwest Virginia.

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