Trump Winery – 2008 Simply Red

Simply RedToo often in our society we look down on the idea of simple.  We tend to look at simple things as easy to understand and not deserving of significant contemplation.  Trump Winery’s 2008 Simply Red sets that concept on its head.

This Monticello appellation wine finds its beauty in its simplicity.  A medium body Merlot dominated (48%) blend also includes Cabernet Franc (26%), Cabernet Sauvignon (21%) and a splash of Petit Verdot (5%).  While the perceived simplicity of the wine comes from the Merlot, Virginia Wine Club members may find subliminal complexity from the other components.

The deep red color with a garnet core in the glass suggests some level of mystery to this “Simple” wine. The nose is a deep dark cherry with plum and anise undertones.

The brighter than anticipated attack brings hints of blueberries and strawberries to the front of the palate.  The midpalate expands to expose light tannins, strawberry, rhubarb and milk chocolate.

The finish lingers nicely with elements of tobacco and chocolate undergirding silky light tannins.

The gentleness of the Merlot tends to make this wine a great red pairing wine.  I suggest pairing with roast chicken, pork tenderloin, and cheeses such as camembert or brie. Aged for 12 months in used French oak provides some limited aging potential to this wine.


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