Veramar Vineyard Rooster Red, NV

rooster_0_0Most wine consumers have a trusted standard, a wine they consider to be their house wine. Generally, a personal house wine features an expressive but not overbearing flavor profile and an almost chameleon like ability to showcase a variety of characteristics dependent on the food served.  Based on multiple tastings, Veramar’s Rooster Red could be just that kind of wine.

Hearty enough to be served during a snow storm along with braised beef, the brighter than anticipated fruit provides an elegant balance and makes lighter fare approachable.

Medium ruby color in the glass the core is deep dark purple.  The nose features plum, raisin, blueberry and strawberry, The slightly fruit forward attack includes light tannins leading to an expansive midpalate that includes cigar box, blackberry, strawberry, and cinnamon.

The relatively brief finish lingers ever so slightly on the rear of the palate and showcases jammy strawberry rhubarb notes as well as cigar tobacco, and leather.

While I would serve this wine with most of the dishes I regularly prepare, I believe this wine is ideally suited for Chicken Cacciatore. 

This wine will continue to gain in complexity, especially in the finish over the next 18 months.


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Chairman Virginia Wine Club Tasting Panel Editor, Virginia Wine Journal
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