Rockbridge Vineyard St. Mary’s Blanc – 2010 Dry Vidal Blanc

The vast majority of Vidal Blanc in Virginia are fermented in stainless steel and finished in done in a sweet winemaking style.  While these are refreshing, especially in the warmer months, they miss the more subtle potential of cold hearty hybrid grape.

In the glass, the medium amber hue hints at the wines 10 months of sur lie barrel aging.  On the nose the wine presents elements of pineapple, honey suckle, lemon zest, and an under current of white grapefruit.

The attack of the 2010 St. Mary’s Blanc features nicely balanced acid with interesting hints of honey dew melon and citrus notes.

With its full bodied mouth feel, the midpalate expands to expose additional citrus and tropical including pineapple, Red Delicious apples, and Bartlett pears.  The finish is delightfully light but lingers with butter and pineapple.

The paradoxical flavor profile of the dry St. Mary’s Blanc with its tropical infusions would pair well with grilled scallops, chicken or seared tuna.

As a barrel aged wine this Vidal will cellar better than most.  Drinking great now, increased bottle aging may add some additional texture to the finish.  It is a careful balance, however, as the delightful tropical notes that makes this most exciting, will fade with significant bottle aging.



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