Villa Appalaccia “Simpatico”

By. Neil Williamson, VWJ Editor

If I were to build my perfect summer white wine blend, I would want it to be refreshing and easy drinking but not simple.  I desire a summer white that has a unique flavor profile and maintains a level of complexity and mystery to keep it interesting.

While the above description may sound like a Quixotic task, Villa Appalaccia’s “Simpatico” may be the very answer to this quest.  The very name means “having attractive qualities; pleasing” or “being on the same wavelength”

A blend of 70% Vidal Blanc, 25% Malvasia Bianca and 5% Pinot Grigio, this wine has the less (spent yeast) from the Pinot Grigio fermentation added back after blending to provide added structure.

A slightly off straw color in the glass, the nose is filled with floral and citrus notes.  A sharper than anticipated attack leads to a midpalate filled with cascading flavor including grapefruit, honeydew melon and honeysuckle.  The delightfully light finish features a level of residual sugar to add to the refreshing nature of the wine.

The residual sugar leads me to pairing with spicy Asian or Mexican dishes but I would encourage readers to expand potential pairings to include stuffed soft shell crab and summer salads.

This wine is designed to be enjoyed its youth when the delicate floral and fruit undercurrents are most expressive.


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