Chestnut Oak Petit Manseng 2010

Blessed with a vineyard in the richest American Viticultural Area in the state (Monticello), this Barboursville based producer focuses on small bathes of hand crafted wines.  By utilizing Michael Shaps’ Virginia Wineworks custom crush facility, Chestnut Oak has the luxury of focusing all of their direct energy in the vineyards.

Petit Manseng grapes have been grown since the Middle Ages at the foothills of the Pyrenes, in Jurancon, in the southwest of France. According to legend, the wine of Jurancon was served at the baptism of King Henry IV in the year 1553.

In the glass, this amber wine presents with a nose filled with tropical tones.  The gentle attack includes pineapple and pear.  Midpalate is where this wine really shines with cascading tropical flavors including pineapple, apricot, pear and honeydew melon.  The delightful finish lingers ever so softly on the rear of the palate with hints of tropical notes.

Designed to be consumed now, I anticipate this wine will actually lose some definition in the midpalate in about 12 months.

DRINK NOW – February 2013

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Chairman Virginia Wine Club Tasting Panel Editor, Virginia Wine Journal
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