Horton Vineyards 2009 Tannat

By. Neil Williamson, Editor

Obscure grapes can be the best discoveries.

Originating in Southwestern France and brought to Uruguay in the 1870s.  Historically, Tannat has not been held in great esteem. Higher than average tannin levels (from which it gets its name) mean that it the past it could usually be drunk only after extensive aging or mixing with other, softer varietals.

Luckily, winemaking techniques have advanced greatly in the last ten years.  The result is a new, ready to drink Tannat with great aging potential.

Deep, dark violet in the glass this wine fills the glass from rim to rim.  The nose is filled with slightly smoky cherry, plum and blueberry undertones.

The bright fruit forward cherry attack leads to an expansive midpalate with cascading flavors of strawberry, coca bean, plum and spice.

The long lingering leathery finish features round tannins and notes of milk chocolate and tobacco.

A variety of grilled poultry and even some hearty meats (steak and lamb) make great pairings. Placed in the fridge for a few minutes prior to serving, the tannins are reduced and Horton’s 2009 Tannat pairs well with spicy dishes, too.

This wine is drinking well now but will age very well with proper cellaring.


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Chairman Virginia Wine Club Tasting Panel Editor, Virginia Wine Journal
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