December Winery Feature Prince Michel Vineyards

Prince Michel Vineyard & Winery

 Another Virginia viticultural veteran is Prince Michel Vineyards.  Founded in by Jean and Sylviane LeDucq in 1982, a vision was formed out of the love of Virginia and its relationship with the vine. Steeped in tradition, Prince Michel soon gained the status as an “Old World” winery on the east coast.

Today, Prince Michel has grown to become (along with Barboursville and Horton) one of the largest, most widely distributed, and recognized wineries in the state and along the east coast.

Located in the heart of Virginia Wine Country, Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery is home to both Prince Michel and Rapidan River wines.

Owner Kristen Holzman acquired Prince Michel in 2005, becoming one of only a handful of female winery owners in the world.  Her business background and personal touch energized the winery staff.  Now some six years later, Holzman’s elegant refinement permeates the property.

Winemaker Brad Hansen joined PMV as Assistant Winemaker in 1999 and was promoted to winemaker shortly thereafter.  Hansen creates blends designed to complement cuisine and believes in the enjoyment of the Virginia wine experience.

Prince Michel Vineyards and Winery continues to be a pace setter in the Virginia wine industry in quality and creativity.

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